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Friday, 19 April 2024


The last time I needed a "special" bolt that I was unable to find I went to a Tacoma Screw company store, I wasn't aware of them in the area (western WA) until I went looking.

I'm guessing you tried Granger & McMaster-Carr.

Good luck!

I don't know if you have a Tractor Supply nearby, but around here, they sell grade 5 and grade 8 by the pound and they have lots of stock. The local Lowe's and Home Depot seem to have cut back on the variety of hardware.


The somewhat-nearby Tractor Supply was where I bought the trailer - after I got home and pondered additional hardware I checked on line and, IIRC, they had only a couple of ½-13x6" bolts on hand (I didn't go check in person because it's not all that nearby, and I needed to order the single-hole tie-down rings from Amazon anyway).
The nuts & bolts from Amazon turned out to work, so I think all's well at this point.

I'm close to Lowes here, if they didn't have it I'd go to the Ace Hardware, they have a lot of stuff. Thinking about it the hardware stores in Shelton & Belfair Washington have really good selections too.

They are almost extinct, but the small hardware stores - including Ace franchises - usually have a complete collection of relatively high-quality hardware. (Some of the stainless steel I purchased from Big Box home centers was not really all that stainless.)

I haven't had a call to look were I am now, but where I was in Florida there was supplier that had everything, including British Standard Whitworth hardware. It was a bit of drive, but not too far off my regular rounds. You might look to see what is in your area.

There is an Ace franchise about a half-hour drive from here - I need to visit it again one of these days and refresh my memory on what they have.
I actually passed quite near it coming and going on errands Friday and Saturday mornings, but stopping wasn't practical on those occasions.
I guess I ought to check McMaster-Carr and MSC when I need fasteners that are problematic to acquire from Lowe's, HD, or Amazon. (A quick look suggests that McMaster-Carr is the best bet.)
The metric hardware I ordered from Amazon is in fact working, so it's not an immediate problem, but I need to have better sources lined up for the next time I need hardware that the big-box stores don't carry (or only have two of, when I need half a dozen).
There are probably also industrial suppliers in the area, which I need to check out eventually, when I have more opportunity for getting out.

I learned quick that the trip to town to get that ONE fastener was a poor way to spend my time, now if I need a couple I get extras (a box is nice if I can afford it), just because.

Threaded rod - 1/2inch 13. 36 inch long. (available everywhere) Weld a nut to the top cut to 6 inches.

When I needed oddball stuff like this I found a machinist/fabricator who was willing to do a small bit of work. It wasn't cheap, but when you need to have something... I needed bolts that were between 9 and 12 inches in marine-grade stainless steel, and I don't know how to weld, or have the equipment.

Hm. Yeah, that makes sense! Time was, I would have come up with that myself (and, once upon a time, I had the equipment.) I must be getting old and not thinking the way I used to.
Someday I'll get the workshop here set up....

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