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Thursday, 14 March 2024


You're not far enough north to get a mud season are you? When the frost went out and all the mud disappeared was always a good part of Spring.
That was even better after we moved :-)

We don't normally get a mud season. This year, we're having an early Spring, so suddenly the lawn needs moving and it's only half past March. Not much mud except for the chicken run and the tilled fields.

Mud season came in Minnesota because the ground would freeze (however deep), come warmer weather the top would thaw out but with the bottom still frozen the there was no place for the liquid to go so the gravel roads were mud.
That first year I watched a Schwan's truck churn his way up our road with his rear duals about buried, that was it for the road until the frost went out. FWIW if the school bus couldn't pick up the kids the road was fixed next year (take down the trees so the sun could hit it, ditches on both sides so the water had somewhere to go and raise & crown the road.)

Ever get the oven?

Not yet. Been one crisis after another, and no time to get organized to deal with any sort of project requiring organization and coherent work. (Or, rather, such coherent work time as I have has been going to work-type work.)

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