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Thursday, 16 November 2023


Go on craigslist or fb marketplace (I hate FB but people still go there) or the local equivalent and look for a used range. Spend the $100, plug it in and use it for Thanksgiving then sell it, toss it or store it in the barn...
If the oven was mostly for pizza you could but a tabletop cooker from https://ooni.com/ and be set! :-)
A table top Turkey roaster (store it in the barn the rest of the year unless you make BIG batches of chili) and a pizza oven ought to be enough!
I'll admit that brownies are hard to make without an oven... :-(
Good luck!

Well, given that there are only three humans in the household, my father eat much, and Joy is on a very restricted diet these days... we're not really doing food holidays. Might have salmon for dinner or something - a little bit special, but not a big production.
The little countertop oven is actually big enough for a small pan of brownies, and I have a muffin pan that fits it, so cooking capability isn't totally crippled.

If you can do brownies then you are doing ok! This is a FWIW thing but a smoked turkey breast is wonderful thing! Heck, if you have a weber classic grill you can smoke it yourself.
We're going out to get a turkey today (supposed to be a small one), it's going in the oven. I will admit that leftovers is part of the goal!

Here's hoping the oven people show up today to put yours in! You could call them & remind them that it's Thanksgiving in 2 days and ask what time they will be over tomorrow to put it in!

Oh, it's on Thanksgiving that they're supposed to show up. Time as yet unspecified.
I think we're having salmon for dinner.

I wonder if lobster was plentiful back then?

We thought about turkey wings, but that was several pounds for $15, and we didn't need that much for the two of us. We came up with the idea of going to the deli and getting turkey slices. Four slices supposedly 1/4 inch thick. Uh, that worked out to about two pounds, about $19. Oops. Oh well, that's what we asked for. We'll freeze half of it for next year...

Latest revised plan: bacon cheeseburgers! Ever so traditional.
And, assuming the new oven actually does show up tomorrow - we haven't heard anything further - pumpkin pie.
(Quick dimension check - yes, a pie will fit in the countertop oven.)

I saw a short somewhere yesterday. A big slice of deli turkey, dressing in the middle and rolled up like burrito & set in a baking dish then gravy poured on top and baked. A pan of Thanksgiving dinner!
That would have been doable in a counter top toaster oven!

It's officially that time!! I'm breaking out the box of outside Christmas lights today :-)

Hmmm... interesting idea for one of these days.
I did manage to bake an apple pie (plan changed at the last minute) in the countertop oven, and sweet potatoes cooked on the stove turned out well.
Today, Joy will presumably be heading back to the store to ask what exactly is going on with our delivery (not that we really expected it to happen on Thanksgiving).

I have been once again reminded of the taste of a turkey sandwich with cranberry sauce on a dinner roll!

A leftover turkey can be like meatloaf, it makes sandwiches so good that you think about cooking it just so you can have a sandwich the next day... and you really can use an oven to make either of those.

I'm pulling the box of Christmas lights today, it's that time! Merry Christmas!

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