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Saturday, 17 September 2022


Money solved it? It was a done deal until one union said no, money was not the issue, safety & quality of life was the issue...

Maybe the people who said the whole thing was to let Brandon look good in the news had something?

Apparently pay and benefits are the only things that can be negotiated; the rest of the ancient contract is untouchable. Rail workers are governed by a special law from way-back-when; maybe changing the contractual working conditions required a literal act of Congress?
Anyway, it seems that over the decades the railways and their workers had worked out an unwritten accommodation, with working conditions better than required by the contract, but then a few years ago the companies started adopting a Manage-to-Rule policy and eliminating customary flexibility in workers' schedules.

I read/heard the other day that the RRs had crews on stand-by 24/7. I figured that was cheaper than hiring enough people to give folks time off.
On the other hand I haven't cared enough to go look... -shrug-...

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