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Friday, 30 September 2022


You wrote- "Current efforts in AI will not lead to true artificial intelligence"

That's a pretty absolute statement for something that's just getting going in a field where we don't yet know enough to ask the proper questions..

Computers can fly a plane now, the pilot is there for when the little red lights come on.

Intelligence is always being used in warfare, something new can get YOU all the marbles! And another day...

Well, I did say it was a background assumption for an unbegun novel.

I think it's probably true, though: the methods currently being applied or investigated are likely to yield wondrous useful automated control systems and expert-surrogates, but I seriously doubt they'll lead to anything with the self-awareness of a small mammal, let alone the potential for intentionally rebelling against its human masters.

Inadvertent rebellion in the form of catastrophic system failure, though... that's extremely likely. We're already seeing software rot in modestly-complex e-commerce systems. As systems get bigger, more complicated, and more interconnected, expect more cases of "The computer must hate us! It's gone on strike!"

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