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Tuesday, 16 August 2022


Put the food & feeders outside, the chickens should find it.
When I moved my chicken house I had to collect them in the evening and move them to where the house's new spot, it was only 2 or 3 nights till they figured it out.
As you mess with the chicken house remember you don't want to be able to smack your head when you're in or around the chicken house as chickens will eat anything.

They did better at coming out of the coop Wednesday morning; I guess they're adjusting to life outdoors. As I returned from some midday mowing, I saw them congregated under the coop and the small folding table we'd set next to it, so now they've learned to hang out in the shade where the food and water are.

I need to throw together a couple of simple sun/rain shelters: a 2-foot-by-something roof(ish) on steel-pipe legs should do. Then we can reclaim the folding table.

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