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Saturday, 06 August 2022


#1, A corded circular saw is first, that can do it!
#2, A miter saw is one of those "what did I do without it" tools (you know the answer is you used the circular saw).
#3, A battery operated circular saw (same brand & size of your other batt powered tools) can be real handy.

At this point in time I'm using the miter saw 80% of the time, if I need a few simple cuts away from the shop I used the batt tool. If it's serious I grab the corded saw & extension cord.

That's a fair match for my list; just got the cordless circular saw, which I figure will be useful on the fishing-pier project next month - the corded one is 30-ish years old, and kinda beat up but still works.
Also: jigsaw (used moderately often), scroll saw (not yet used, but it seemed like a good idea), cordless reciprocating saw (often useful), and of course a chainsaw. And a pole saw....
Sometime soonish, I mean to acquire a table saw. Got several things on my want-to-do list that kinda call for a table saw, scary as they may be.

Looks beat up but works means that it works, good enough! Nothing wrong with looking for a table saw on craigslist or the like, I got a nice DeWalt from an estate sale.

The old saw doesn't just look beat up; it's somewhat bent out of shape, so not great for precise work. The new cordless one turns out to be, somehow, much quieter, as well as having modern niceties like a brake and a headlight.
I expect I'll continue using the old one where power is handy and a slightly warped foot isn't a problem. Maybe I'll even disassemble it and have a go at straightening out the foot.

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