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Saturday, 04 June 2022


I think your own eggs are better than the store bought, just because it's so easy and that are yours!
FWIW the last time I figured it out from the day I decided I wanted my own fresh egg it was 7 months before I got one... I did mail order chicks rather than buying laying hens..

Have you heard of the chicken moat? Worth looking up... it was invented by Gene GeRue way back when...

The chicken moat sounds like a good idea, but wouldn't be a good fit for here & now - the victory garden is way down in the Annex, and at current prices the cost of fencing it in - never mind double-fencing! - would be prohibitive. (~1500 foot perimeter - yikes!)

We got the pullets locally; there are farm-supply stores that sell them, and it seemed a better approach than mail-order, minimum 10 chicks, all one breed, shipped to the post office where I'd have to pick them up (especially since the kinda-nearby post office isn't the one that handles our ZIP code). There's also a poultry breeder not too far away, but Tractor Supply was convenient and had a nice assortment at the time.

0600 on Sunday morning many years ago I got a call from the Solway Post office (2 counties away) that my chicks had came in (I could hear them in the background), I was on my way! This was exciting stuff :-)

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