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Tuesday, 03 May 2022


If you figure it out let us know...

I asked Google "how many people quit their jobs last month?" I figured google would know what I'm supposed to hear when I ask that question...

4.4 Million.

The great resignation continues: 4.4 million Americans quit ...https://www.cnn.com › us-job-openings-quits-february?

I wonder this too! My two hypotheses:

1. They all got jobs at Amazon warehouses.
2. They all moved into their moms' basements.

Maybe they're being sold into slavery in South America?
I mean, if we allow unbalanced migration between hemispheres, the Earth could become top-heavy and flip over. With all those people coming North, somebody has to go South.
And somebody has to work the great biofuel plantations that are soon to replace the untidy and disease-ridden ol' rainforest.

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