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Thursday, 07 October 2021


Out of all the UFO talk I've heard the story I keep coming back to is the one where the UFO went to a nuke missile site and all of a sudden the missiles didn't work anymore.

And we know the missiles suddenly didn't work because... the daily launch failed, or what?
In order to find out that the missiles (or their warheads) didn't work, short of actually launching them, the failure would have to be something mundane enough to be covered by some sort of built-in self test, or routine maintenance check - which is to say, an anticipated failure.
Gotta ask these questions, when presented with Cosmic Mysteries.

It was a good story and I wasn't there.

But I've gotten very suspicious of good stories over the decades. Many's the time I've read, e.g., a news account giving much detail of some incident, when either all the witnesses are dead or the sole survivor certainly didn't tell that version of the story.

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