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Saturday, 15 May 2021


You might want to look into a cordless impact wrench (or impact driver) for getting the crankshaft pulley off without fighting to keep the crank from turning. I just replaced the drive belt on my admittedly non-zero-turn mower. It (the belt, not the mower) had converted itself from a v to a combination v/flat belt, depending on where you were on the circumference, and had gotten itself wedged through the fan blades and against the frame, just like yours.
I had to remove the crankshaft pulley and both idler pulleys to be able to change the belt. With the pulley off, there was enough slack to turn the belt sideways and slide it between the fan and frame. Finally, put the belt in the crank and hydro pulley grooves, then slide the crank pulley into place, then reinstall the idler pulleys.

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