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Thursday, 29 April 2021


How often do you back up your files? I try and do it once a week...try being the operative word. I just copy all my personal files to an external hard drive.
I have two external TB sized drives, I keep them somewhere else other than the house. (I do now, after the fire :-)

My files are mirrored daily, and backed up weekly, though the arrangement isn't as redundant as it should be... according to the original plan, by now I should have had a redundant file server in the barn, plus some sort of off-site storage of the last few weekly backups.
Joy has been backing up her files to portable hard drives occasionally. Right now, she has the drive of the malfunctioning Windows machine plugged into my laptop (rebooted in Windows for the occasion), and is copying her files onto portable drives.
At least she didn't have her Windows system set up with whole-volume encryption or some such, so the files are recoverable, as long as the drive itself is working (which it is).

Both my back-up hard drives were in the desk when my house burned down... I grabbed the laptop off the desk as I ran barefoot out into the snow.
Now the back-up drives are stored elsewhere...

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