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Wednesday, 03 February 2021


I just looked and found a 1000 feet of irrigation hose for $109 delivered (searched for "1/2", 1000', 57 PSI, Toro Blue Stripe® Poly Hose - EHD1335-100").

Run lines to where you want it, put on/off valves and tees where needed.

Hmmm... sounds like a deal on the backbone tubing for a drip/sprinklerette system, but not for temporary surface plumbing (I'll still need a great length of garden hose to run across the lawn to where it's needed, and drag out of the way for mowing).
Someday, I'll have to rent one of those trench-digging machines and bury a water line. Several water lines, to various spots. Adding a few yard hydrants in far-off places has been on the wish list for a while now.
(Any buried plumbing that crosses lot lines has implications for the future, so it'd have to be mapped and documented for eventual removal... always things to worry about. Surface hose doesn't have that problem, but has issues of its own.)

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