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Saturday, 26 December 2020


They make "chains for boots" (search with those terms) for when you have to go out in the ice. Simple to pull on over your boots and they do help.

Sounds like a good idea, especially given how infrequently I go walkies on ice. (Come to think of it, I have a pair of boots specially made for use on ice, but I don't think downhill ice skating is a thing, and uphill ice skating certainly isn't.)
Regardless, the jungle boots with their increasingly floppy tops are getting to be an annoyance to put on. I should probably round up a pair of side-zip boots, and then be careful not to wear them around recovering Marines lest I be mocked.

No jarhead ever recovered.
If you gots snow next to icy driveway a quad might be solution. No exercise benefit in a break or sprain. Sayin' for a friend.

When I was in Minnesota I had a pair of Pacboots made for the real cold, I could slip my feet into them in no time at all to walk outside for something quick. My boot chains were hanging next to the door for when they were needed.
Ice sucks all the time, just not as much when you have chains on your feet.

I was stationed at CGAS Traverse City, MI and a guy walked out to the ramp to check something, he slipped on the ice and went down, stayed down too. He was seen on the ramp camera eventually and got some help, not long after that they issued us all boot chains.

Ice sucks.

"No jarhead ever recovered."
That's why I used "recovering", in the sense of "recovering alcoholic" - they insist that there's no such thing as an ex-Marine, so I assume it must be something like an addiction, and maybe there are groups like MarAnon to help them cope...?
(I know it's safe to tease them; they're trained to put up with bigger annoyances than myself.)

Meanwhile, boot chains are on order, for next time they're needed. I think I have at least one pair of sensible hiking boots (civilian type)... out in the barn. I'll take inventory before shopping for any side-zip boots.

... Thinking back to 2019, shopping for a winter wardrobe was part of my big plan for this year. Somehow, it didn't happen. Maybe this summer I'll find my way to a place that sells woolen greatcoats and such.

Get a peacoat, if you can find it. Still use my father's WWII issue.

When I was in Minnesota I had a lot of wool clothes... wool socks (washed cold and hung to dry inside), surplus wool pants and a wool shirt for everyday outside use.

Yak Trax is a reasonable brand of boot chains. I also have some Sorel snow boots that will be here after the bomb. The thing they never tell you in California is that cold weather is just such a hassle. So many layers. When I had a doggo to walk every morning, I bought a pair of ski bibs to just pull on over my jammies. Add the Sorel boots and a hat and we were off.

Got a pair of those there Yakety Trax now, so next time the driveway is icy I can avoid getting Benny Hillified.
I guess today I can search the barn for normal hiking boots.
The cold weather here isn't that bad; it's always stayed in positive Fahrenheits so far, and most of the winter mornings aren't much below freezing. The only urgent issue is traction; most of my other winter-wardrobe notions are more about fashion than function, and this hasn't exactly been a year in which fashion mattered.

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