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Thursday, 22 October 2020


We had a place in Minnesota on a 2 acre hay field, I had an $89 mower. The first pass thru (the hay was above the knee in height) was slow, a little fwd & a little back, don't want to stall it... until you had a path across the whole thing. Then you'd start back but we'd only cut half a swath, it went faster then. Eventually we'd get the whole thing knocked down, took a 2 & half tanks of gas.
Then it was doing it every week to keep the tall grass down (ticks live in the tall grass), the kids hated doing that mowing.

Latest refinement of technique: mower deck raised as far as it'll go, turn left (so, if possible, the previously-mown area is on the right), use somewhere between 1/3 and 2/3 of the deck width on the tall stuff, and plan on making two passes to reduce the tall stubble.
Did some mowing with the tractor today, then some with the zero-turn mower because in one area the tractor seemed a mite tippy and I couldn't really see the terrain through all the grass.
A couple of spots will require use of the strimmer, and there's one area I'll likely just ignore until spring.

It's nice when you can ignore it until later!

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