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Sunday, 27 September 2020


There is something to be said for getting the tools unpacked and stowed somewhere they can be used. I have a place to put mine now and they are slowly being put into drawers in the small shop building from where they had been stowed for the last few years.
It's a good feeling to have the tools accessible!

One complication that's been there since February is a custom door that we'd planned to have installed (skilled door installer required), but by the time it arrived (after a long factory delay), we were into the mad scramble to prepare for lockdown, so it remains in its crate, standing (at least it is standing up!) in the middle of the garage, interfering with setting up of benches, toolboxes, and so on.
I haven't found the pin punch set yet, but did find my drills and milling cutters, and a box of assorted stuff like solder, soldering flux, nail polish, and calcium carbide. I'd been looking (nearly) all over for the flux and the nail polish!
Meanwhile, various weed-control activities planned for a dry day have to be postponed, as the forecast changed from "dry" to "some chance of rain later", with actual rain already having shown up. Back to indoors fun!

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