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Sunday, 21 June 2020


I've gone down & bought a assorted nuts, washers & bolts so I had what I needed when I needed it. I'd buy a box if I needed one & had the money.
Generic hardware in a small (marked) drawer is good because the trip into town is the most expensive part of losing a nut.
I picked up a Harbor Freight collection of cotter pins and "o"-rings too just because... (I lived 14 miles from a gallon of milk and 22 miles from town).

I had various assortments already, and have been buying others as potential need occurs to me, but didn't have any larger-metric-sizes packs, just M2 (or maybe even smaller) to M6.
Sometime, I gotta take one of the Zerk fittings off the tractor and check its thread so I can order some spares before I need them....
Also, I need to come up with a suitable organizer (or stack of organizers) for nuts, bolts, and general random hardware.

I have a couple of those plastic cabinets with the drawers, maybe 15" wide and 18" tall with lot's of plastic drawers, they are not spendy. A great place for nuts, bolts & washers with what's in it marked on the drawers.
I just looked, they are spendy now! $33 at Amazon or Walmart!

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