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Tuesday, 28 April 2020


Get some pallets, you can do a lot with them & they stack well. Get a sawzall and cut the nails if you need some boards or shims.

I have a couple of (none too sturdy) pallets at this point; I expect more will show up as I order lumber, etc., and have the stuff delivered. One is still in use (I haven't taken the rolls of fence wire off it yet). I thought I'd use the other as a support for the tiller, but it turns out to be too small - I may have to make a pallet for that, or at least add a couple of supplemental boards to the one on hand.
What I was looking for on this occasion was more along the lines of a couple of 2-foot 4x4s. Actually... something bigger than 4x4, not for strength but for stability. I suppose I could cobble a stand together from 2x4s, especially since tipping the mower deck up looks to be a recurring thing. Or... I could affix a chain hoist to one of the beams in the barn, I suppose. (If the barn had a higher ceiling, I'd be looking at putting in a bridge crane - and probably recoiling at the cost - but the ceiling is awfully low already.)

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