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Monday, 24 February 2020


Have you gardened before? I found a pretty big learning curve no matter what the former mayor of NYC would have you believe.

Back in Sunnyvale, in the less-busy years, I had a vegetable patch in the couple of hundred square feet of appallingly bad soil I had available in the back yard. Generally got way more than I could keep up with.
While I'm tooling up for a couple of acres, I think this summer's victory garden will be only a few hundred square feet, with an absurd variety of crops in smallish quantities. (And then there are nitrogen-fixing cover crops to be figured in, and....)
Anyway, some micro-farming experience, but very little experience with outdoor power tools, and none with tractors. Got a lot to learn. Plus, the seasons here are different - hence, sprouting seeds in the dungeon under grow lights while it's still sometimes frosty outside.

If you had a vegetable garden & actually got food out of it you are experienced enough! Good luck!!
Oh ya, with those hills you have don't forget that roll bar every time to take that tractor out.

Oh, yes indeed: roll bar and seat belt. Most of the yard isn't steep, but part of the front lawn is mildly alarming and may become seriously alarming once I approach it with intent to mow. There's a great big "safety" section in the manual, which I intend to study in detail as it applies to things I'm just learning.
Then there's the big rotating machinery, but at this point I don't have anything that's supposed to be rotating when I'm not in the driver's seat, so my appendages and clothing should remain safely clear of the spinny bits, as long as I don't start wearing a Fourth Doctor scarf or anything silly like that.

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