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Monday, 30 December 2019


Three thoughts.

For the lighting I saw these on a write up & they looked to be worth a second look.

When you get a used truck give some serious thought to getting something bigger than the base, having a 3/4 ton or bigger should not hurt.

Depending on how getting some roof help your new local area works out, give some thought to a large tarp to keep what you have from getting worse. If a roof sized tarp is sitting on a shelf in the garage waiting for you it will always be there IF it's ever needed.

What you're doing sounds exciting!

I love the updates through your blog. Good luck getting everything situated!

Hm. Those garage lights look interesting, but I'm thinking more in terms of fixtures that are the size and shape of old-fashioned 2-tube fluorescent fixtures. I think I've seen such things at Rural King and probably the usual home-improvement places, as well as Amazon. (Sometimes I really wish Amazon had useful parametric filters, so I could look just at fixtures that were the right dimensions.)
In the truck department, the basic requirements beyond "it looks like a pickup truck" are (1) a back seat, and (2) ability to pull a trailer laden with 2 tons or so of payload - so a 6000 pound tow rating is about minimal. Then there's the added factor of long-term boring reliability, which may favor Toyota products.
Truck shopping starts probably next week; we'll see what's on the market, in what condition, in our price range.
Tarp... good idea, though given the wind conditions up on this hilltop we'd also need some really good way of securing it. Food for thought.

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