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Saturday, 14 September 2019


How many boxes of books are you moving?
I used to have a LOT! I downsized to an RV some years back and most of the books went, from time to time I regret not having the reference books.

How many boxes... well, the book count is somewhere in the single-digit thousands, I guess. The boxes of books are mixed in among other boxes of heavy(ish) and/or non-priority stuff, i.e., stuff that doesn't go in the initial cargo pod, and I don't know what the box count is - taking inventory, and weighing the boxes, should be happening over the next couple of weeks.
I have quite a few books on the Kindle (some duplicating old print books - either the e-book was free, or I really wanted the book and wasn't about to rummage through the boxes in search of it). There are plenty of books in the accumulation that would be unreasonably expensive (or impossible) to replace, and I don't feel like sifting through to see which ones are easily replaced (duplicates and things I didn't really want anymore having been sorted out a few years ago). And then there are all the basic reference books for how to survive in a pre-industrial age; those just belong on paper.
I'm not sure where they all end up post-move, but I think once we get the basement at least properly dehumidified and secured against vermin the less-used portion of the library can be set up down there - lots of space!

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