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Wednesday, 31 July 2019


I think I've seen them on TV & the movies, usually on a NYC apartment. It mounts on the door surface itself with the ends locking both sides of the door. I guess you can build (or have built) a door with the lock inside the door.

Yeah, having the mechanism surface-mounted on the inside of the door might be OK. I want it to be easy to open from the inside anyway (like Vetinari's maximum-security dungeon). Hard to get into, easy to get out of.

Something like this?


Or am I misunderstanding your description?

I think the terminology you want is "multiple locking points."

Hmmm... that reinforcement system looks like it's meant to help a wooden door in a wooden frame withstand a brute-force attack. So, not what I'm looking for (I have a steel doorframe in a cinderblock wall, and want a steel door that opens outward but can't just be taken off the hinges, and that looks like a boring utility-room door).
But "multiple locking points"... ah! First couple of results are just for adding more bolts on the same edge of the door... though it looks like some of those might be flexible as to the locations of additional bolt units. A later result is much closer. Search terms seem to be "multi-point lock" and "4-way deadbolt", etc.
So that's a good starting point. I think I still need to talk to a doorsmith... I probably don't really want to weld up my own steel door assembly from plate and box section. And then try to install the dang thing.

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