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Thursday, 04 July 2019


No no no no... wait until you get there & get a good fenced area first. Nothing like having a goat dancing on the roof of your car to make you wonder why you have goats...

I wasn't really thinking of putting the goat before the pen. For one thing, goats are social critters, so getting one goat is not a good move. For another, I'm pretty sure keeping a goat at the Interim Lair would violate some silly municipal regulation or other. Then there's the transportation problem. And the Future Lair currently has no fully fenced area, so any critters in the yard could just wander off and visit the neighbors.
A fenced cat run will be a high priority. After that, we can worry about accommodations for other sorts of livestock. I can figure that stuff out; I took a fencing class in college. Now, how do I parry a chicken?

Parry a chicken? I'll bet a "beer can chicken" holder will do it!

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