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Saturday, 15 June 2019


A Californian moving to Tennessee (?) with his Prius. Talk about stereotyping... :-)

I've actually seen classic (2000-2003) Prii around the Knoxville area - including one that had been either carefully restored or always kept garaged and not driven much.
I'll obviously need a license-plate frame that says "My other car is a gas-guzzler!" Or "My other Toyota is a Tundra," maybe?
On the before-moving list: remove the remaining adhesive left by the obsolete smug-lane stickers.

Give some thought to a sued truck after you get there?

Um... used truck? Yeah, looking at those on Craigslist. I can probably get something eminently acceptable for around $10K-ish, or something ugly-but-functional for a bunch less. Since it's likely to be used for vacations and such as well as hauling, probably not a beater, no matter how well it runs. If I go for a 4Runner, it'll almost certainly be used, as the new ones don't seem to be available with a V8.
Actual truck-buying time is still at least a month off. The truck comes after the lawnmower (implying that I'll have to have the mower delivered), but before the tractor, boat, CNC machining center, and flock of goats.
Yes, "lawnmower" and "tractor" are separate machines, for good and sufficient reasons.

Yes, learn to back up a trailer before you go to the boat ramp. And how to chock your haulin' vehicle. Youtube is full of boat ramp videos on how not to do it.

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