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Friday, 24 May 2019


In this like in almost everything (these days?), follow the money. I guess the only reason "they" make the content is for the money.

You appear to make this content for fun! Does that mean you are not part of "they"?

Way back when (the AOL days)I used to be really peeved at watching the ads being loaded on my computer with it's tiny memory. These days I can't do anything about it if I want to read what they are putting out.

As to the legal or not of anything in our modern world... when any are above the law, the Justice Industry has won the battle. The rest of us just hope not to be noticed as few of us can afford much in the way of justice.

Yeah, I make content (such as it is) for fun. Net revenue from the blog is negative ten bucks a month, but then I have other things I do for money.

Ads are problematic in various ways, starting with the aforementioned malware that often rides along, and extending to bandwidth-hoggery (when some people are still paying for their network traffic) and all manner of security risks that get baked into browsers to enable the ad-distribution model.

But, then, the content providers somehow gotta make a living.

On the gripping hand, the CFAA is obscenely overbroad, and people have actually gone to prison for acts that fall far short of the everyday shenanigans of Big Internet.

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