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Tuesday, 25 December 2018


Still researching this interesting question? We get used to Ruby being accommodating, I think. If rails is on your server, have you looked at Action Cable?

Blending software development with household maintenance works for me, by the way. Soon we'll be off to shop for a few gateway devices, another lighting controller and a smart water faucet or whatever. Get all that stuff and spend the afternoon debugging the bathroom.....

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I'm trying to avoid the whole Rails thing, that being yet another Somebody Else's Framework to learn.
The Ruby code in question will most likely be running on an embedded Linux system - something with RasPi-class resources but with proper USB support; maybe based on one of the Allwinner chips. If the web-UI option is in use, the web server might be running on the same little machine.
It might actually be best to have some handy utility for configuring an in-browser UI for a given application, creating vanilla HTML, JavaScript, and PNG files that could be dished out by a fairly trivial server (though I expect TLS and authentication support to become issues eventually).
Ah, well: much of this is for future consideration. In the near term, I'm trying to work out internal data organization and the structure of the application-hardware interface.

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