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Wednesday, 15 August 2018


Sooo, is siliconvalleyredneck going to redirect to Knoxville-nerd?

(Or vice versa?)

Haven't decided on the new handle yet. This blog will remain visible for some time to come, and there'll be links both ways.
Or... hm. I might be able to play some game with having another domain name point to this, if I decide to stay on Typepad. Default plan is to create a new blog out of PHP, PostgreSQL, cardboard, and string*, but that probably doesn't happen for a while, what with all the other things on my schedule.

* Though I don't think Blunebottle is properly redneck; I may need to come up with some more East-Tennessean improvised blog-construction materials. What would Li'l Abner use to build a blog?

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