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Sunday, 15 July 2018


Buy the seal. Having a canner that doesn't have to be plugged in is a bonus. Especially if you're canning lots, you can have both running at the same, but alternate time (one cooking, one loading/unloading.)

Unless the canner body or pressure valve is screwed, you're golden. Seals burst. It happens. They are designed to blow before the container, after all. And it wouldn't hurt to buy extra seals for the plug-in pot, either.

Well... it wasn't really in such great condition overall. And this was an electric pot (hence the comment about yanking the cord out).
One thing I omitted to mention (in the condensed version of the tale) is that when I first plugged it in I got sparks, despite the control lever being firmly in the "OFF" position.
They were built to last in those days, and this one did, but they only last so long. (Also, a 4-quart model isn't all that useful for high-volume home canning.)
Hmmm, basic non-electric, aluminum, 6-quart model runs $26 on Amazon. Replacement gasket for a 3-4 quart model (assuming I'm correctly identifying it) is maybe $8-$10. Not all that inspiring.
But, yeah: spares for the new one(s) would be a real good idea.

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