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Tuesday, 08 May 2018


I've always wondered why they don't use heroin. It certainly can't be considered cruel, considering how often users try to get close to the edge, plus it might persuade more people to keep away from the stuff.

In the bigger picture, though, there is too much by-catch to trust the trial courts to get it right every time.

Bigger picture, yes: almost certainly too much by-catch. Can't trust the courts, and can't trust that juries have been given anything resembling a true picture, given the vast imbalance of resources between the prosecution (especially in a capital case) and the defense (especially when the defendant is the sort of person likely to get brought up on a capital charge).
Then throw in the attitude that, in the case of an exceptionally heinous crime, it's more important to execute somebody than to make sure you have the right perpetrator... yeah, not much trust there.

A stake through the heart is a good start. But you really need to cut the head off, expose the body to a full day's sunlight, and bury head and body on opposite sides of a moving body of water, face down.

The old ways are sometimes still the best ways...

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