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Sunday, 15 February 2015


They're changing Thor? To a feminine personage? Oh the horror! Can Ragnarøkkr be far behind?

And what are the Æsir's chances, with such changes?
Really, now: the original Thor was very much a working-mans deity. The comic-book version, not so much. And now a permanently-aggrieved feminist? Comes the grand battle, how much use will a chronically-angry person be?
Come to think of it, there are some fine strong female characters to be found in the Icelandic sagas (remembered from many years ago, when I went on a saga-reading binge). Why not adapt one of them, instead of borrowing the name of a male(-ish) character who borrowed the name of a very male deity?

That would require a bit of study and knowledge of the sagas. The sort who would feminize Thor aren't that keen on research. Or reality for the matter.


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