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Sunday, 10 August 2014


Drip fittings are usually used with an upstream combination pressure regulator/water filter. I found that mine would leak if driven directly from the water meter which was at 120 PSI. My house does have a main pressure regulator but the landscaping water supply was connected before the house regulator. It is likely that this is the standard practice to reduce the effect of the lawn sprinklers on shower pressure.

So far, the drip stuff is fine, though I haven't been using a regulator. The flow rate may be more than specified, but I fiddle with the time to give about the right amount of water.
Looks like the hose-fitting problem may have been the result of side force from the hose loop; after the rebuild, and moving the loop to put a longer straight section near the manifold, it's holding OK... so far.
My house doesn't have separate plumbing for irrigation; one pipe goes into the house, and all the faucets and hose bibs feed from the same set of plumbing. But, then, it's from the early 50s, and part of a working-class development, so it wasn't built with automatic sprinkler systems in mind.

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