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Tuesday, 10 June 2014


But can you use it to open a locked door? I mean, that's the real question, innit?

Hmmm. I suppose an extra-sturdy card might be better for that sort of thing. And, depending on the construction, perhaps one edge could be sharpened.
...Which leads to yet another tangent. Cards with the raised numbers for carbon-paper use, and with mag stripes, obviously need to be of standard shape and size. But what of chip-and-pin, pay-by-bonk, and other new technologies? Is there still a need for a standardized physical form?
Why not have modern electronic payment tokens in the form of house keys, teddy bears, shurikens, fishing lures, ...?

Are you perchance the Ellen Fox who went to Paly all those years ago?

I am she!

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