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Thursday, 31 October 2013


Are you sure the "dumb rockets" which require a rocket motor powerful enough to catch a drone at high altitude and moving at high speed, warhead, and tracking system is really cheaper than "smart chaff" which only needs a low power laser and simpler tracking system (doesn't need to defend itself against being blinded by another laser). I'm assuming a one watt laser has enough power to blind most sensors.

Well, but the dumb rocket doesn't need to catch the drone; it just needs to look enough like a threat to set off the defense systems (assuming the drone defenses go the smart-chaff route to avoid becoming target-self-designators).
Though, now that you mention it, the smart chaff could (absent the usual military-contract overhead) be done fairly cheaply; needs a bit of stabilization and self-tracking, with the drone handling target tracking. Probably needs a little better tech than current consumer-grade MEMS sensors, but nothing wildly exotic. Business opportunity! Now, who do I know who's a defense contractor...?

Yes, you could spoof the spoofer if you send a rocket to cause the drone to use its chaff. But the rocket could not be just a dumb unguided rocket or it would never come close to the drone.

Patriot used to be a "track via missile" where ground radar signals reflecting off the target were received by the missile and sent down for processing into guidance commands. This had the advantage of the missile being closer to the target and getting stronger signal.

You might consider that for your smart chaff...

Don't forget multi-mode operation, your chaff could be tracked by 3 different methods: radar, IR and optical. If any mode returns a signal larger or smaller than your drone does, target discrimination gets easier.

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