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Tuesday, 02 September 2008


Okay, I guess I've heard it now. Thanks for the link.

I was, until finding a link to the above post just a few moments ago, unaware of your blog. It is now bookmarked and subscribed to and held in the highest possible esteem. Stay tuned for the unveiling of my own zany blog of fascist corporatist monarchist anti-reptiloid warmongering lunatic wingnut surreality-based community ruminations and comedy bits, which will be known to the adoring masses as "The Mending Crackpottery Blog". Know anyone who draws angry little teapots well?

I'll get to work on spreading the alien facts around, pronto!

... you're kidding, right? you can't seriously believe that Palin is an alien!

Kidding? Me? Look at that photo in the sidebar - is that the face of someone who'd kid about something like this?
Now, if I can get enough people seriously believing she's an alien, maybe I can go into business selling alien repellent... what's that you say about anti-tiger dust, or planting radishes to keep the wolverines away?

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