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Friday, 04 July 2008


not sure which Verizon EVDO device you got, but it probably is one that works well with a cradlepoint router:


the routers are cool because they allow you to share that single EVDO connection with multiple computers or anything else that uses WiFi... like iPod Touch or Archos 605, etc.

PHS300 even has a rechargeable battery that allows for completely untetherred hot spot for up to two hours at a time!


It's an LG "Chocolate" (VX8550), tethering via USB, dialed using kppp (with a couple of tweaks to the pppd configuration).
The whole EVDO thing is just a field-expedient way of getting Net connectivity while on the road; I may decide to keep it if it looks like business will be taking me often to client sites where I can't leech off their connections, but most likely I'll just drop back to voice service in another month.
Still, an EVDO-to-WiFi bridge sounds like an interesting gadget... just not one that I'd have much use for.

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