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Thursday, 27 September 2007


In case anyone else is following this thread, the code posted in the comment referenced above has most of what you need. One problem is that in several places, where the buffer is allocated by

buffer = ""*size

there is no space between the quotes. This results in no space being allocated. I looked at that a long time before seeing the obvious!

Another thing that helps is to use the BuildCommDB function instead of unpack/modify/pack to set the baud rate and word length. That seemed more clear to me, since you have something like this:

@BuildCommDCB.Call("baud=9600 data=8", dcb)

Hope this helps

Which major computer retail company sells laptops with Linux instead of Windows?
I'm a computer science major at university and paying for school myself, and I need to pick up a laptop to do a lot of my work on campus (computer labs don't have compilers *grumbles*). I'm trying to pick up a cheap laptop with Linux installed on it instead of Windows so that it'll be cheap and since Linux already has a lot of different compilers installed/apt-getable. Are there any major companies like IBM or HP that sell laptops with Linux (Hell, even the Ubuntu distro)? I think Dell does, but I'm not a big fan of their hardware.

[Them spambots is gittin' clever. Looks like a real comment on the post, dunnit? Apart from the commenter's name, and the URL, which I've removed. --SVR]

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