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Sunday, 26 June 2005


Hi, I'm trying to take a inner tube trip with some friends tommorrow. Could you tell me where did you guys get in and your pick-up point? If you can, thanks a lot!

Guess it's too late for this answer to be useful today, but... we left the retrieval car at Road 41, just past Rumsey (our take-out point), and put in at a county parking lot well upstream - I don't know its name, but it's on the left, beyond the park-like places where people are camping - it's a day-use-only area, with restrooms and creek access.

Nice trip report and nice photos! Have you been doing amy more river tubing lately?
River Tubing Techniques & Skills - BRT Insights.

Hi -- im planning a trip down cache. how long did it take about? Like in-water time?

Planning on stopping for lunch before "mother" - is there a place there to leave a car to store food in??

It's been a few years, so memory has gotten vague, but...
For the 2008 trip, the timestamps on the photos run from 11:49 to 16:31, so figure 4-5 hours including lunch break, but excluding car-shuffling time. It'll seem like both more and less.
There is a place to park the lunch car; there's sort of a low dam, which is the take-out point for the rent-a-rafts. I don't know the name of the side road (it goes off to the left of the main road, across the creek, before turning into a fire road) -- I thought I had a bookmark on Google Earth, but apparently not.

Update: the lunch spot is by the low water bridge on Rayhouse Road: 38°54'34.18"N 122°18'30.24"W.

I am looking for truck inner tubes for river floating, Where did you find them?

I think the only genuine truck inner tube on that trip was that brought by Tom, the leader. I don't recall where he got it, but I assume any place that replaces truck tires would have them.
My tube is a River Rat, which I might have bought at Big 5. Probably most big sporting-goods stores carry tubes of this sort in summer.
Been a long time since I did any innertubing. Might do it again next summer (possibly even late this summer), but it'll be in East Tennessee, and likely on a less exciting stream.

thanks, eric, very entertaining writeup & images, you made me want to do this all over again, just like i did about 30 years ago.
your event was about 13 years ago so flowrates may have changed especially in light of recent droughts. IIRC, back in the 80's there was a phone # one could call that would yield recorded data about current and near-future flow rates so that tubers could plan their adventures accordingly. is there a website somewhere now that gives current flow data? thanks

A quick duckduckgo for cache creek flow turns up various sites; no idea how useful any of them are.

you use duck too? thanks eric, while you were doing that i found dreamflows.com and that may be the best we can do. it does look vaguely consistent with increased outflow on the weekends.
oh, yeh, and i just found this

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