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Wednesday, 24 November 2004


Cmon bitch, put it up on Cafe Press as a real bumper sticker so's I can buy it! Hmm and maybe replace the trekkie font with something that looks a bit more realistic.

Great Idea-- now for the T-shirts

It would be better if he wasn't in such poor health. He had a lung removed due to cancer....

Wouldn't it be better to go with someone else, someone so transparently awful, corrupt, and even evil to make the point once and for all that the UN is beyond redemption? While the world is full of such rogues, I'd nominate Robert Mugabe for all the obvious reasons.

Unless, of course, you think an international organization funded by American taxdollars to provide legitamacy for genocidal klepto-crats is a good thing, in which case Chirac is probably your man... and he would suit my aims just as well.

I'll have to go along with Tim. Havel is entirely too good a man to be dumped into that cesspool. He could not clean it up and the effort would only break his heart. Chirac is just the man for the job. They deserve each other and are the perfect match,

Isn't Saddam out of work?

Hmmm, how about Milosivic? Or Suharto? Daniel Ortega? Imelda Marcos? Suha Arafat? Alex Baldwin? Michael Moore?

could you change the lettering color to yellow? black on blue does not contrast enough to give good visibility.

(another Sean here)

speaking of Star Trek, the first thing i thought of with that font and background was Pavel (Checkov) 2005. i'd vote for him, too! ;-)

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