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I grew up in Palo Alto, California, and now live in Sunnyvale. I've been working in the local high-tech industry (electronics, computers, telecomm; both hardware and software) for many years.
Having been laid off in the summer of 2004 (at the tail end of a plant closure), I'm currently doing freelance engineering work for various companies, and keeping an eye open for new business opportunities. Oh, and building an army of giant robots to take over the world. Mustn't forget the giant robots.

The term "Silicon Valley redneck" refers to the state of my living room at few years ago. While a canonical redneck has several non-running cars up on blocks in his yard, I tended to have various non-running computers up on blocks in my living room. Seems vaguely analogous.

Update, early spring 2019: I've sold the Sunnyvale house, and have actually been living with my father in Palo Alto for a while now. We're in process of relocating to Sevier County, Tennessee; story to follow.

Update, 2020: We now live in Boyds Creek, Tennessee, and when the trees on the next ridge aren't too leafy I can catch a glimpse of the Great Smoky Mountains from my home-office window.


Electronics, computers, Linux, science fiction, gadgeteering, costuming, creative absurdity, hiking