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Saturday, 07 October 2017


Are you assuming a ground burst or air burst?

I'm assuming ground burst, since a basic grenade will have neither a proximity fuse nor sufficiently accurate timing for an expedient drop to achieve a proper air burst - though I suppose a parachute might help. (Hm. Or [remainder of sentence deleted owing to excessive plausibility]. Uh-oh.)
If we're dealing with a significantly more sophisticated adversary, we might have to worry about precision timers, or even precision-guided mini-bombs, mortar-launched mini-SDBs, and so on... but that goes far beyond just rigging a hobby-shop multicopter to release a hand grenade.
(I don't want to elaborate on this too much; got a zillion ideas for attacks, and not much in the way of defense, so sharing plausible attack schemes with the world seems like a bad idea - hence the deletion noted above.)

Just to clarify: yes, following through on John Smith's question, there does appear to be a plausible mass-casualty attack mode that fits the general parameters of hobby-shop flying machine and grenade-like munition. Jamming the 2.4 GHz band would make life significantly more difficult for such an attacker - while also royally honking off anyone trying to use Bluetooth or WiFi in the general vicinity, and likely causing problems for facilities management, security, etc.
Not much in the way of good solutions.

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