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Thursday, 20 October 2016


"slave labor is not fair to your own labor-intensive industries"?

What if we think of bulldozers and other earth moving equipment as slave labor?
It has the same effect: reducing manpower needed.

What I meant there was that taking advantage of foreign slave labor wouldn't be fair to domestic industries; presumably bulldozers are allowed just about everywhere, so use of machinery to replace (or augment) labor won't depend much on the laws (as applied) of various nations.
A current example related to the bulldozer thing is the automation of fast food, which I understand is already underway is some places where labor costs are very high. Spend a pile of money up front, and you no longer have to pay and supervise a bunch of teenagers... who no longer have that opportunity to earn a little money and get some basic work experience.
But, the intended overall point of this post was that free trade among nations with substantially different laws can have unpleasant consequences for the nations with the more expensive laws. The effect of domestic mechanical slaves on the domestic labor market is a whole different can of worms.

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