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Thursday, 14 February 2013


Hmmm, a NYT reporter with a script (aka, agenda) who won't let the facts interfere with a good story. I blame the Tesla guy for even considering them a real journal anymore. I'm glad he was able to call the journo on his lies and post it all for everyone to see, but he has no one but himself to blame for not researching the journo ahead of time and for trusting the NYT to do honest reporting. I suspect, having said all of that, a significant amount of his market does read that rag and consider it actual reputable, accurate, news reporting. And one does have to go where the business is.

I suspect that putting in decent logging capabilities is easier in an automobile than a small circuit board. I'll be curious to hear how your adventures in logging go with your future products.

Yes, the automobile logger has to be much easier; one can shoehorn in a few cubic inches of highly sophisticated controller and storage. When the entire product is (waves hands madly) maybe 1000 cubic inches and already tightly packed, it's more of a challenge.
The dedicated logging module currently in the works is a 1.75 × 2.75" board, which will be maybe 3/16" thick when assembled (not counting the connector). It could have been smaller, but this is assumed to be Small Enough for the mission at hand, and I tossed in some bonus monitoring inputs and a footprint for a cage-type microSD socket in addition to the big SPI flash chips.
There's another main logic board in the works, and I found enough room for one of the big SPI flash chips on that one, so, once the firmware is developed, it'll have lifetime logging capability.
We're still working out exactly what conditions get recorded, and at what intervals, such that we maximize useful information when a unit is returned while still having 10 power-on years' worth of long-term storage. I suspect there'll be factory-configurable filtering, as well as options for dividing up the available memory among different types of log data.

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