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Wednesday, 13 February 2013


You've said naught about the bird and the semi-feral kittens. Or a cat in the house. Ours would not let a bird rest, they used to hunt them when they were indoor/outdoor cats. Maybe if they'd been raised with one around. Otherwise, it has to sleep sometimes . . .

We did not have bird feeders when the girls had the roam of the land, not fair to the birds to lure them in. The girls caught plenty of them without our chumming the yard for them.

OK, so kittens and birds...
The kittens, especially Top Hat and Southmoon, are somewhat interested in the birds in their cages, and will sometimes go to the closest accessible point to stare at Crystal (cockatiel) and Finch (society finch). Top Hat merely seems curious; Southmoon gets a bit worrisome at times.
When Tinga (sun conure) is perched on me, and I'm sitting down, the various kittens will sometimes climb into my lap, but don't get too close, and Tinga seems to have stopped worrying about them, so long as they keep some reasonable distance.
I did have to inform Southmoon on a few occasions that Tinga is not a kitten toy, but she seems to have gotten the message, at least so long as I'm there to supervise.
The cages are decently feline-resistant, so I'm not too worried about what happens when I'm not there and the cage doors are closed.
Come to think of it, that pepper beak could be a pretty good defense mechanism.
(Piggy is getting too old to be much of a menace, and besides she'd been exposed to all manner of small house pets before coming here, and conditioned not to play with them.)

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