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Thursday, 07 February 2013


Love the names you've tagged the little furry ones with.

The question mark tail, I get that. One of our previous cats would strut around with the tip of his tail crooked in a question mark when he was happy but wanted something. Our kids called him "Question Poo".

Oh lordy I do wish you'd gotten a picture (or better yet, video) of the hung-up kitten... I've 3, plus mama-cat of my own and I love the shennanigans. Do wish I'd more photographic evidence of the crazy situations and places they've gotten themselves into upon occasion.

So, first or last wire on the recovery? From what Lex always said, all landings were graded. :D

Well... it was the frayed edge, which I guess makes it the last wire. Had she missed that, she would have gone scampering across the floor and ended up in the living room.

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