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Wednesday, 30 January 2013


One of our cats had a bad tendency to do that for awhile, but it turns out that she had a bladder infection. Drugs cleared that up and we have UTI treats that we give her now to preclude that. And the couch no longer smells like the ass end of a cat. Due solely to the unrelenting efforts, over an extended duration (read years) on the part of my bride.

Nice thread you have going here.

Piggy has apparently always had the peeing-on-the-upholstery issue; this is perhaps the result of having started out life in the concrete jungle, with no exposed dirt, so the only available absorbent surface would have been cloth of one sort or another. Also, it's a way of getting back at people who have offended her.
The Muons, on the other hand, started out in a suburban backyard with abundant dirt; placed in a hard-floored enclosure with a pan of kitty litter, they wandered around trying to dig, found the litter, and decided That Was The Place.

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