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Monday, 19 March 2012


Hmmm, so is it cheaper by component to add the cap or add the lower capacitive diode? The flip side to this being how does each choice affect the circuit board construction cost? Fascinating. Glad I kept coming back to check.

I'm a Lexican and followed you over from one of the others, post-Lex. I'm a ham, so this stuff is one of my hobbies.

Nice place.


Given that it's a fairly low-volume board that goes in an expensive product, I'm not really worried about the cost difference. Best guess is that the cap, even with assembly, is a bit cheaper.
In this specific case, the deciding factor is whether or not the client's engineering department has nailed down the final layout for the board yet - I'm testing a preliminary version, and the production layout was supposed to have been done some months ago, but sundry issues have held up both testing and the production design.
If there's still time to make design tweaks, I think we include the cap footprint and then check with the supply-chain folks about making the diode change.
The least-trouble option is just to ignore the issue, which we may be able to get away with; this affects two signals, and it's not clear whether either of the recipients will even notice a microsecond pulse, let alone do anything dangerous.


Thank you for your answer and thank you for posting stuff like this. I'll be back. (promise, not a threat)


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